Meet the Water Guy: Tim Filer

Tim FilerHow it all began:

Thirty plus years ago my wife and I were expecting our first child. We had recently moved into our first home, a beautiful rural property in Pickering, on well water. After noticing a strange smell, we had our water tested.

Upon discovering that there was a presence of harmful bacteria in the water, my wife and I were left with many questions, concerning the safety of the water for our new family. The water also left a lot of residue on the fixtures and we started to notice changes in the pressure and quality of our water. As a concerned new-to-be parent, I began to do my research on different water treatment systems and their effectiveness.

I also found out what maintenance issues I might encounter and what kind of costs would be involved. I wanted only the best for my little one; however, I quickly found out that information was difficult to obtain and that there was little to no awareness surrounding the state of water quality. All of the research that I was doing had the suppliers asking me to work for them! They seemed to share in my passion for water treatment solutions for the home.

Pregnant-Womand-and-Water-roundedWith the birth of my daughter fast approaching, I made a very educated decision to represent Kinetico Water Treatment products. They carry only the best, and I only wanted the best for my family! Their systems simply made a lot of common sense. Working for Kinetico has allowed me to find the answers for people who are looking to improve their water, just like I was. And now, 32 years, two healthy children, and 3 grandchildren later, my team and I continue to find solutions to various water concerns, providing families with the confidence in their water that they deserve, now and for good.

At Performance Water Systems we tackle it all! No job too big or too small!


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