KUBE™ Water Filtration System

The Kube Water Filtration System
Kinetico KUBE™ Water Filtration System

Yes, install the KUBETM yourself! With minimal parts to assemble, this Water Filtration System connects to your existing kitchen tap in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t use any electricity and it’s small and compact – you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner!


  • WQA Certified: To significantly reduce Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, MTBE, Cysts and VOCs that may be present in your water. A full list can be provided upon request.
  • Two Filters: Ensures enough contact time with the water, allowing contaminants to be fully removed while maintaining excellent flow from your tap.
  • Simple Blue Bypass Knob: Allows you to have the option to switch to un-filtered water for washing dishes for example.
  • The filters are rated for 6,302 Litres of water or about 6 months for an average family of 4 and are simple and inexpensive to replace yourself.


Watch the simple installation video here: http://www.kubewater.com/easy-installation.aspx

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