Kinetico Twin Tank Sulfur Guard

Sulfur Guard
Kinetico Twin Tank Sulfur Guard
The Kinetico Twin Tank Sulfur Guard™ provides a turnkey remedy for handling foul smelling “rotten egg” water once and for all. Unlike other systems that use multiple treatment stages and are expensive, cumbersome and complex to maintain, the Kinetico Sulfur Guard™ leaves you nothing to do but enjoy your water.


  • 24/7 Operation: Twin tank design allows our systems to backwash without ever going offline for around-the-clock operation. You’ll notice the difference all throughout your home.
  • Non-Electric: Only Kinetico use the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems instead of electricity. So you never have to worry about costly repairs or a higher monthly electric bill.
  • Metered Regeneration: Meters water use to accurately determine when it’s time to regenerate with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings.
  • Clean Water Rinse: Uses only treated, conditioned water to clean itself, which prolongs the life of the system. Because our systems are engineered to last.
  • Countercurrent Regeneration: – Unlike most other filters, our systems regenerate from the bottom up for a more even and efficient use of the filter media.

Filter Media Used

  • Sulfaban – to eliminate the rotten-egg odour caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in your water. Makes your water useable again.

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