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You are currently viewing How do I protect my water supply? Is bottled water better than tap water?

How do I protect my water supply? Is bottled water better than tap water?

How do I protect my water supply? Is bottled water better than tap water?

As a Kinetico Dealer, I am often asked, how do I improve the safety of my water?

Well water and municipal water offer up several challenges. Typically, if someone wants a solution for an “overall” protective measure for the entire household, we have installed Ultraviolet Sterilizers that essentially render bacteria and virus harmless. The use of UV has many different applications, but for water safety, it is proving to be a very easy to use and economical method of treating water.

For “point of use” measures, we typically install the K5 Drinking Water Station. This system offers protection, usually at the kitchen sink for drinking water purposes. Fully certified for performance, the K5 uses Reverse Osmosis technology. Set up a particular way, the K5 can offer 99.99999% protection against Bacteria and 99.99% against Viruses. With the many needs of a busy household, we customize the solution to the customer’s requirements and expectations. All the systems we carry protect the safety of water and offer excellent solutions for purification and needed filtration.

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Is bottled water a cleaner solution than tap water?

Many people feel that bottled water is a reliable source of cleaner, fresher water than tap water, or well water. One issue with bottled water is that it has been shown to have contaminants such as microplastics, which would be filtered out with a Kinetico water system. Expensive, bottled water costs considerably more than people realize, and it is quite a hassle to carry heavy cases, which weigh 23 lbs each!

The bottled water industry is not regulated in Canada, and the bottles themselves contain chemicals that can leak into the environment when the bottles are discarded or during the recycling process. Bacteria are found in most bottled waters, sold for drinking purposes. Bottled water is usually disinfected to remove harmful microorganisms, but this treatment is not intended to sterilize the water.

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