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Kinetico Systems Last…a very long time!

When I started in this business in 1986, I had no idea what lay ahead and how well the Kinetico systems would work for the long term. Product knowledge and extensive training would help me over the coming years, and I still remember the first days of my work as a Kinetico technician.

My first “sale” was for a water softener for a customer on well water, way back in 1986, with a family of 4 in a country farm setting. The new softener system was installed shortly afterward, and I completed our standard follow-up appointment, a week or so later. The customer was thrilled with the product and the fresher, cleaner water. He made quite an impression on me and he was also impressed with the fact that everything I said the Kinetico water softener would do, it did!

In the water filtration industry application of systems is a big issue, yet Kinetico as a product that lived up to its promises, in my experience.

Fast forward to May 2019…33 years later! I received a call from a young family that had just moved in to a country property, on a well, and it had an older water softener. They wanted someone to come out and assess the water system, and upgrade or update it where necessary. When I saw the address, I wondered what softener model would be in that basement. Would it be that 1st Sale? Would it still be functional?

As it turned out, that first unit I worked on and installed way back when was still there…functioning! It had obviously seen the usual dust, dirt, and mildew treatment that old basements can exact on anything stored for long periods of time. I had to test the water, and it tested perfectly soft. 33 years later it was still going! I had to tell the new homeowner the story behind this unit.

The new homeowner wanted to add some disinfection equipment and a drinking water system in addition to the softener but wanted the softener assessed and cleaned up to ensure the unit kept working and saving it would also save them some money. The unit was taken back to our shop for a detailed maintenance and cleaning, and some components replaced due to 33 years of wear and tear. The unit was re-installed and placed into service, good to go for another decade!

Throughout my travels as a Kinetico dealer and technician, I continue to see Kinetico products performing long past any warranty period. This unit is the same age as the unit in my own home and it too continues to work perfectly! I guess I chose the right company to represent!

Tim Filer
Owner, Performance Water Systems
Est. 1986

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